Bridging The Gap

Here at True Vine Legal Nurse Counsel, PLLC, our Legal Nurse Consulting services are like no other! Our team of seasoned Legal Nurse Consultants have many different medical specialty experiences that will provide the attorney quickly with the necessary and accurate medical facts that will strengthen and give their client the best competive edge in litigation. In addition to, our services prepares the attorney with invaluable medical information where you understand the medical issues at hand to represent your client in every legal phase.

Merit Reviews

Comprehensive Review / Reports

Medical Expert Witness

Medical Chronology

Independent Medical Exams (IME) /Defense Medical Exams (DME)

Deposition/Trial Preparation

Why Choose Us?


Our unique expertise and experience in the medical field gives us a sharp edge when it comes to evaluating the medical records.


Our commitment is to provide you with honest and accurate services that guarantee that you receive medical facts that help you to fully understand the medical issues and assist you in presenting the medical information in every phase of litigation.


We are dedicated to excellence when it comes to analyzing your case with the utmost attention to detail, to ensure that no medical facts are missed, so you can receive accurate information for your client to strengthen your case.

Why Work With Our Legal Nurse Consultants?

1) You don’t need to hire a costly physician to act as a medical consultant in your case. Our legal nurse team is well versed in the intricacies of the healthcare system. We bring different backgrounds of unique specialties along with full knowledge and experience in the different medical standards of care.

2) With full knowledge of proper standards of care, we can easily identify deviations of these standards of care, as well pinpoint medical damages and costs, at a more reasonable rate than a physician.

3) Another important factor is that a Legal Nurse Consultant, compared to a non-medical legal professional, can provide the attorney with a detailed analysis of the medical case, and discover important critical components in the medical records due to their extensive medical knowledge and clinical experience.

Don’t go another day without one of our Legal Nurse Consultants, let’s work together!


“For my people are destroyed for
lack of knowledge”. – Hosea 4:6